What is the Protection of Civilians Aide Memoire?

The Security Council Aide Memoire for the Consideration of Issues pertaining to the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict was elaborated in 2002 upon a request from the President of the Security Council to the Secretary-General (S/2001/614), and is periodically updated by OCHA. All editions of the Aide Memoire were discussed by the Security Council and annexed to a Security Council Presidential Statement.

The Aide Memoire serves as a reference tool on the Security Council’s practice on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. Based on this practice, it lists the main themes and issues that pertain to the protection of civilians, and proposes model language for the Council to address those. An addendum provides examples of verbatim Security Council language on each identified theme and issue. This site offers a user-friendly interface to search into the addendum of the Aide-Memoire, entirely populated with official Security Council language on the protection of civilians in armed conflict.

The physical version of the Aide Memoire, having evolved from a 7-page document (S/PRST/2002/6) to several hundred pages of references (S/PRST/2018/18), is in itself a testament to the relevance of the protection of civilians to the Security Council, and the importance the Security Council gives to this issue, which it called “one of the core issues on its agenda” (S/PRST/2015/23, reiterated in S/PRST/2018/18).

The current Aide Memoire is the seventh edition, based on resolutions and presidential statements adopted by the Security Council until 31 August 2018.