Excerpt from S/RES/2292 (2016), op. 3

Decides, with a view to addressing the threat posed by unsecured arms and ammunitions in [affected country] and their proliferation, to authorize, in these exceptional and specific circumstances for a period of 12 months from the date of this resolution Member States, acting nationally or through regional organizations, with appropriate consultations with [Government of affected country], in order to ensure strict implementation of the arms embargo on [affected country], to inspect, without undue delay, on the high seas off the coast of [affected country], vessels bound to or from [affected country] which they have reasonable grounds to believe are carrying arms or related materiel to or from [affected country], directly or indirectly, in violation of [paragraph of Security Council resolution establishing armed embargo in relation to the situation in affected country], provided that those Member States make good-faith efforts to first obtain the consent of the vessel’s flag State prior to any inspections pursuant to this paragraph, and calls upon all flag States of above-mentioned vessels to cooperate with such inspections;