Excerpt from S/RES/2362 (2017), op. 9

Urges [Government of affected country] to improve further the monitoring and control of arms or related materiel that are supplied, sold or transferred to [affected country] in accordance with [paragraphs of previous Security Council resolutions authorizing, by way of exception to relevant Security Council arms embargo, the transfer of arms and related materiel intended solely for security or disarmament assistance to affected country’s authorities], including through the use of end user certificates issued by [Government of affected country], requests the Panel of Experts established [by the Security Council to assist relevant Security Council sanctions Committee] to consult with [Government of affected country] about the safeguards needed to safely procure and secure arms and related materiel, and urges Member States and regional organizations to provide assistance to [Government of affected country] upon its request to strengthen the infrastructure and mechanisms currently in place to do so;