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... decides further that [Security Council-imposed arms embargo] shall not apply to: ... (d) Supplies of non-lethal military equipment intended solely for humanitarian or protective use, and related technical assistance or training, as approved in advance by the Committee; (e) Protective clothing, including flak jackets and military helmets, temporarily exported [affected country] by United Nations personnel, representatives of the media and humanitarian and development workers and associated personnel, for their personal use only; ...


Decides that until [date] and without prejudice to humanitarian assistance programmes conducted elsewhere, the measures imposed by [paragraph of previous resolution requesting member States to take measures to ensure that no economic or financial resource is made available, directly or indirectly, to individuals and entities listed by relevant Security Council sanctions Committee] shall not apply to the payment of funds, other financial assets or economic resources necessary to ensure the timely delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance in [affected country], by the United Nations, its specialized agencies or programmes, humanitarian organizations having observer status with the United Nations General Assembly that provide humanitarian assistance, and their implementing partners including bilaterally or multilaterally funded NGOs participating in the United Nations Consolidated Appeal for [affected country]


Decides further that the ban [on all flights in the airspace of the affected State] imposed by [relevant paragraph] shall not apply to flights whose sole purpose is humanitarian, such as delivering or facilitating the delivery of assistance, including medical supplies, food, humanitarian workers and related assistance, or evacuating foreign nationals from the [affected State] ...